Character Generation

Character generation is mostly standard. All classes are available, but occult classes need to be OK'd, as I'm not terribly familiar with them. All standard and featured races are available, but uncommon races also need approval.  

I would like you to host your character sheet where I have access to it. I suggest Myth-Weavers.

Ability scores can be generated in a few different ways. You may place these scores however you like.
15 point buy
4d6 drop lowest
5d4 +1 drop lowest

We will be using traits. Begin with 2 traits (non campaign), 1 kingmaker campaign trait, and at least 1 drawback. An additional trait can be purchased by taking an additional drawback.

Your birth month is significant, and provides a bonus. Roll 1d12 to determine which month you were born in, and let me know. 

3rd party is generally banned, but feel free to ask.

Character Generation

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