Although Corruption builds within a creature or object in a continuous fashion, as it grows, so too does the number of obvious and debilitating effects it has. These observable and profoundly unnatural alterations to the essence of a thing are called Perversions. Vile blasphemies against sanity, they are as unpredictable as they are horrific, and if the flesh-warping side effects do not kill a creature, the accumulating taint of its soul inevitably will.

When a creature qualifies to gain a new Perversion, it rolls on the chart to find out what new shapes the unnatural taint warps its body and soul into. In the case of duplicate results, continue rolling until you land upon a new Perversion.

The default save DC of a Perversion is equal to 10 + 1/2 your HD + your Charisma Modifier. While the symptoms of a Perversion might be temporarily suppressed (a Restoration spell, for example, alleviates some symptoms for a number of minutes equal to the spell level), they remain as long as the Perversion does. Penalties imposed by Perversions stack with the penalties imposed by other Perversions.

Table - Perversions

1 Liquefaction Your body liquefies and collapses into a homogenous gelatinous puddle. You immediately die.
2 Withered Favored Hand Your favored arm and hand blacken and wither into a useless, shriveled and gnarled deformity. You take a -5 penalty to your Strength and Dexterity.
3 Withered Off-Hand Your off-hand and arm blackens and withers into a useless, shriveled and gnarled deformity. You take a -4 penalty to your Strength and Dexterity.
4 Withered Legs Both legs become atrophied, numb and useless. You take a -5 penalty to your Dexterity and Constitution.
5 Withered Leg A random leg becomes atrophied, numb and useless. You take a -4 penalty to your Dexterity and Constitution.
6 Stricken Eyes Your eyes bulge and writhe within their sockets, leaping free of your face within a few seconds, striking you permanently blind.
7 Cranial Tumor A disfiguring mass grows within your brow and into your face. You take a -5 penalty to your Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma.
8 Sealed Lips Your lips grow and merge together and continue to do so over the course of a minute if they are cut apart (a procedure which takes a Full-Round Action and deals 1d6 points of Bleed damage)
9 Tangled Fingers Your fingers twist and twine together like tangled balls of roots. You take a -5 penalty to your Dexterity and your hands are no longer prehensile appendages.
10 Slender You become frightfully thin and emaciated. You take a -5 penalty to Strength and Constitution, and your weight reduces to 1/3rd of its previous value.
11 Snake Legs Your legs become scaled, serpentine coils. Your base land speed is halved.
12 Harlequin Hide Your skin shrivels, dries and cracks, splitting apart and peeling up to expose your raw flesh. You take a -5 penalty to your Constitution, and you are Sickened. You have a -4 total penalty to your Concentration checks.
13 Tentacle Arms Your arms become rubbery, black, clumsy tentacles. They are not suitable for fine manipulation and cannot grip weapons, but you gain Grab with them.
14 Pustulent Stench Steaming pustules erupt from your skin and emit a nauseating stench in a 5-foot radius. Creatures within the radius (including you) must make a Fortitude save every round or be Nauseated. This is a Poison effect.
15 Toxic Touch Your hands weep a sickly green, oily venom. Anything you touch with your hands is poisoned. You leave a contact poison residue on surfaces and creatures you touch may be poisoned. This is a Constitution Poison with an onset of 1 minute and a frequency of 1 round with a duration of 1d6 rounds.
16 Dread Seizure You collapse into a wracking, agonizing seizure. Contorting and violently writhing as you sweat and scream for 1d4 minutes, the experience does permanent damage to your body and mind. All six of your Ability Scores suffer a -2 penalty after the seizure has gone and you are Shaken for fear of ever experiencing such pain again.
17 Misleading Hallucinations Distinguishing reality from dream becomes difficult. Any time you attempt to perform an action, you must make a Will Save or lose the rest of your turn.
18 Paranoiac Anxiety Just because you haven't caught them doing it doesn't mean they aren't trying to  get you. You are Shaken. You are Frightened (Will save negates) of anything that overtly threatens you, and often distracted by the knowledge that someone really is cunningly and covertly attempting to kill you.
19 Mana Sponge If you touch any magical item, it ceases to function. Potions become plain water, Scrolls crumble to dust, Wands and Staffs lose all charges. Permanent magical items are suppressed while you touch them. You are unaffected by any spell which allows Spell Resistance, whether it is hostile or not.
20 Midas' Fool Any gold you touch is permanently transmuted into worthless fool's gold. Your own skin takes on the false-gilded sheen of fool's gold. This is a curse effect.
21 Accursed Any time you roll any dice, you must roll twice and take the lower result. You may not benefit from any effect which would allow you to roll twice and take the better result. This is a curse effect.
22 Damned If you die, your soul is damned to one of the Lower Planes and difficult to retrieve with resurrection magics. The caster must beat a DC 25 caster level check to retrieve your soul in order to raise you from the dead.
23 Deafened A burst of tinnitus slowly fades to absolute silence as you become deafened.
24 Wasting Consumption You succumb to a wasting, though non-contagious, illness. Follow the Physical Disease track with a DC of 20, an onset of 1 day and a frequency of 3 days. Although this supernatural affliction cannot be cured while you have this Perversion, it can be halted or suppressed (you move to the Latent stage) through magical means. Non-magical treatment (long-term care for a full day of bed rest) can only delay the worsening of symptoms by 1 day.
25 Amok You rapidly lose control of your emotions, flying into a livid, incoherent rage and lashing out at anything which moves nearby. You gain the benefits of Barbarian Rage, but you attack to the best of your ability the first moving creature you see. Once it dies, you fixate upon a new target until it, too, is slain. You continue to acquire and viciously assault new targets, murderously obsessing over them each in turn. This is a supernatural Mind-Affecting (Compulsion) effect.
26 Sanguine Felicity Your orifices weep blood. You take a 1d4 penalty to your Constitution. If you are affected by a Bleed effect while you have this Perversion, you are Dazed by an inexplicable euphoric high for its duration.
27 Morphic Instability You often get the distinct sensation that your body isn't quite how you remember it was yesterday. If you are affected by any Polymorph effect, its duration is doubled. If it has a permanent or instantaneous duration, you take a -10 penalty to your save against it.
28 Bramble Bones Razor-sharp spines burst through your muscle and skin, growing straight from your bones. You take 4d6 damage and are nauseated for 1d6 rounds during this process. The spines make armor extremely difficult and painful to wear. Though they can puncture clothing, the constriction of the fabric being caught on your spines makes it cumbersome unless it is tailored specifically for you. The spines can be used like spiked gauntlets or spiked armor, and they deal 2d6 piercing damage to creatures which grapple or swallow you, and 1d6 to those which attack you with a natural weapon or unarmed strike.
29 Bile Bloated Your abdomen balloons painfully with gurgling, gaseous, constipating bloat. If you are stricken by an attack, the blow to your tender and sensitive guts doubles you over in pain and you are Nauseated for 1 round.
30 Coprophagic Fixation It certainly didn't always appeal to you, but when you see or smell feces, you must make a Will save or be overcome with the compulsion to eat it. It nauseates you afterward for 1d10 minutes as you vomit, and of course it exposes you to disease.
31 False Necrosis Slowly over the course of the next few hours, subtly at first, and then unmistakably — your body takes on the pallid, sunken fleshed and bruise-blackened appearance of a day-old corpse. It would be difficult to distinguish you from an undead creature. Positive energy harms you and negative energy heals you just as though you were undead. You do not gain any of the other qualities of the undead type: you are not actually undead.
32 Sealed You gain Spell Resistance equal to 11 + your HD, but only against Harmless spells and spell-like abilities. You cannot voluntarily lower this Spell Resistance.
33 Invocative Forking If you cast or are subjected to an Evocation spell, it manifests a second time targeting you.
34 Lure Of Oblivion The black abyss of oblivion suddenly seduces your soul in times of grave peril. You take a -5 penalty on saves against Death effects, against negative energy and energy drain effects.
35 Swamp Drowned Brackish, muddy water slowly fills your lungs. Every 2d4 minutes you are overcome by a wracking, heaving cough as you must expel the fluid in order to breathe. You are Nauseated for 1d4 rounds as you cough up the filthy effluvium.
36 Scale Crust Your skin is overgrown by chaffing, crumbly plaques. Like desiccated hide, they are thick enough to provide you a natural armor of +2, but this bonus is reduced by 1 each time you are stricken by an attack as they ablate away. When it reaches zero, each attack which strikes you aggravates your abraded, sensitive skin and deals an additional point of damage.
37 The Night Terrors Each night, you inevitably awaken in a cold panic, usually screaming. You are confused and difficult to calm when you awaken, and the lingering phantoms of the nightmares are too intense to allow sleep for another 1d4 hours. You remain Fatigued from lack of restful sleep and cannot recover expended spell slots. It might be possible for magical or pharmaceutical means to anesthetize you enough to rest. A creature who cannot sleep for two weeks will die of exhaustion.
38 Encystation The skin of your limbs, face and body flow and fuse together, forcing your joints to curl into a fetal position. What is left is a generally egg-shaped pocket of flesh with orifices for breathing and excreting. Cutting you open would prove disastrous for your health in the short term, and useless in the long-run since your skin will simply regrow into its new, perverse, default shape. Even polymorph effects will not return you to your "normal" self: this is your normal body now.
39 Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva Injuries and even just everyday wear and tear cause your bones to overreact as they grow and fuse in unnatural and dangerous ways. Every week, you must make a Fortitude save or take 1 point of Dexterity drain. Every time you take hit point damage, you take an additional 1 point of Dexterity drain that week on a failed save, or half on a successful save.
40 Gorgon's Torment You become supernaturally hideous to behold. Animals shun you, babes weep when you pass, and all right-thinking people distrust and loathe you. You take a -10 on any Charisma check relating to another creature. Most insidious of all, however, is the paranoid fear of your own reflection which grips you: for if you should behold your own reflection whether in mirror, water or just well-polished armor, you are at risk of petrification (this is a Gaze attack, Fortitude negates). Only you are at risk from this Gaze attack.
41 Dulled Wits You think and react more slowly than you did. You take a -2 penalty to your Intelligence score and a -4 penalty on Initiative checks.
42 Ill-Fated You take a -2 penalty on any d20 roll.
43 Parasitic Face An ugly, miniature face grows from a random location on your body. It is not shy about speaking its mind. And it hates you.
44 Ashmouth Food turns to foul ash in your mouth. Though it still provides you nutrition if you can keep it down, it requires a Fortitude save to avoid vomiting immediately. Liquids you imbibe are not affected.
45 Bloody Piss You excrete blood in your urine. A lot of blood. Every time you must relieve yourself, you take 1 point of Constitution damage. A typical person must urinate 1d3 times per day, or more depending on how well hydrated they are.
46 Embiggened You rapidly increase in physical size. Your equipment does not. Your size category increases by either one or two steps (flip a coin). If you are wearing clothing, it bursts apart at the seams, ruining it in a painful fashion. If you are wearing armor, you must make a Strength check (DC 25) to burst it. Failure means your expanding flesh is trapped within the armor's confines, and you are in immediate danger of suffocating.
47 Daintified You rapidly shrink in physical size. Your equipment does not. Your size category reduces by either one or two steps (flip a coin).
48 Halfway There You flicker rapidly and randomly in and out of existence. You are affected as though by the Blink spell but you are not merely shifting into the Ethereal Plane — you actually cease to exist for a moment.
49 Mana Sink Magical energies seem to flow towards you effortlessly. You automatically fail any saves against spells or spell-like abilities, but when you are affected by a spell, you salvage some of the raw essence which energized it. You recover enough energy to refresh an expended spell slot of a level half that of the spell you failed your save against (rounded down).
50 Hunchback Your spine crooks and a dense mass grows under your shoulder, spreading up your neck and distorting your collar and bending you double. It is awkward to angle your face so that you can look anywhere but down. You take a -5 penalty to Perception checks when trying to look anywhere but your own space. Things further than 15 feet away have 20% Concealment from you.
51 Voices You hear a constant stream of whispering, furtive voices. Sometimes they argue, sometimes they weep, and sometimes you can make out what they are saying. They tell the truth… except when they don't.
52 Black Eyes Your eyes resemble polished obsidian in their sockets. You cannot perceive light normally, only darkness. The effects of lighting conditions are reversed for you. Normal light provides 20% concealment, and you can see just fine in Dim lighting. You are effectively blind in Bright light. Darkvision and Low-Light vision, if you have them, become useless and nonfunctional.
53 Bulging Cranium Your skull cracks and splits in an excruciating fashion to allow your rapidly expanding brain room to grow. Your enhanced logic and memory provide you a 1d2 Intrinsic bonus to Intelligence, but it is easier to critically hit your vulnerable head and crits do more damage to it. Attacks against you have double the critical threat range and their critical damage multiplier is increased by +1.
54 Natural Enemy All animals seem to hate and fear you in equal measure. They will not willingly obey your commands, and they focus their attacks on you, personally, in a ruthless, vicious attempt to rid the natural order of your existence.
55 Gullible You become naively trusting as your mind finds it almost impossible to fathom that others are capable of telling lies. You take a -10 penalty on Sense Motive checks.
56 Effusive Glossolalia You babble incoherently and against your will at all times even in your sleep, making Stealth difficult. This does not seem to impede your ability to cast spells, though you cannot communicate intelligibly in any spoken language.
57 Elephantiasis Roll 1d6 to determine which body part is taken over by a disfiguring growth. Clockwise, starting at the head: head, left arm, left leg, right leg, right arm, trunk. That body part becomes hideous, cumbersome and clumsy. You gain 100 pounds of weight which does count against your Encumbrance load, and you take a -2 penalty to Dexterity.
58 Weak Heart When you are shocked by a frightening surprise, you suffer heart palpitations that make you dizzy and nauseous. Any time you fail a save against a Fear effect, you are Dazed for 1d6 rounds as well.
59 Rent Veil You directly perceive another Plane of existence simultaneously. It is not a beautiful one. Eyelids do not help. What you witness may be strange, terrifying and disturbing, though the entities you see cannot perceive you.
60 Disastrous Conductivity You gain Vulnerability to Electricity and take a -4 penalty on saves against taking Electrical damage as it seems to just preferentially route through your body on its path to ground.
61 Withered Your soul is blighted. Randomly select an Ability Score. You take a 1d4 penalty to that Ability Score.
62 Bulk Your muscles, joints and ligaments thicken and stiffen. This makes them stronger, but less flexible. You gain a +2 Intrinsic bonus to Strength, but you take a -3 penalty to Dexterity.
63 Tainted Spirit You gain the Tainted Spirit Drawback.
64 Misaligned Aura You are cloaked by a conflicting aura which clashes with your own spirit. The confusing mess interferes with your sense of self and you take a -4 penalty to your Charisma. Spells and effects which attempt to discern your alignment cannot make heads or tails out of you.
65 Caustic Lacerations If you take damage, your blood erupts from the wound as if by will of its own, and transmutes into vile acids. Everything within 5 feet of you (including yourself) is spritzed with the burning fluid and takes 2d6 Acid damage (Reflex DC 15 for half).
66 Gills Your lung tissue migrates upwards in your chest cavity to rearrange into gills suitable for breathing water through the slots that open in your neck. Unfortunately, they are not suitable for breathing air, and you may  suffocate if you cannot reach breathable water.
67 Amnesia You find it extremely difficult to retain short-term memories. You must make a Will save to remember anything that has happened within the last week.
68 Apishness You feel somehow that you are stepping backward. Your posture descends into a hunched, animalistic crouch. Coarse hair blankets your body, and your face distorts into an ugly, churlish glower. You gain a +2 Racial bonus to Strength and on Climb checks, but you suffer a -2 penalty to Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma.
69 Teleportitis If you are stricken by an attack, you experience an irresistible desire to be elsewhere. You must make a Will save or find yourself transported as if by Dimension Door in a random direction (including down) and distance (including none).
70 Corrupt Recovery An unnatural vigor seems to spread through your body and your corrupted tissues heal much faster. You gain Fast Healing 1 per minute. For every 20 HP recovered in this manner, you have a 50% chance for scars to impede your movement (which imposes a stacking -1 penalty to your Dexterity).
71 Excruciating Synesthesia When you feel pleasure, you feel pain. You do not feel pleasure when you feel pain. Healing spells cause you to be Dazed by the pain for a number of rounds equal to their spell level, unless you succeed at a Will save.
72 Nimbly Thin Your frame becomes lithe and limber, though more delicate. You take a -4 penalty to Strength, but you gain a +2 Racial bonus to Dexterity.
73 Shriek You cannot produce a vocal volume lower than a piercingly loud, strident shriek.
74 Spores Wherever you go, you shed a light dusting of scintillating golden spores. On fertile soil, the spores will grow into apple-sized fetuses within cystic sacs attached to the ground via an umbilicus. They share an ucanny likeness with you, but they are horrid, wrinkled abominations. They squirm and wriggle within their sacs as if alive, but if the sac is burst, they emerge stillborn wretches.
75 Tentacular Locks Your hair thickens and grows together, fusing into black, coiling tentacles which fall to your shoulders. They glisten with mucous and writhe idly, but do not aid you.
76 Flipper Feet Your feet and toes elongate and broaden into webbed flippers. You gain a Swim Speed of 10 feet, but you find it extremely painful to wear shoes and boots intended for typical humanoids.
77 Cyclopia Your eyes migrate together to share a single ocular orifice. 
78 Anosmia You lose the ability to perceive smell; your mind simply does not recognize that sensation.
79 Compound Eyes Your eyes bulge, divide and grow, expanding around your face and head to resemble a fly's. They offer all around vision, but they do not have eyelids and you cannot avert your gaze. This provides a +4 bonus on Perception checks and you cannot be flanked, but you take a -5 penalty on saves against effects which rely on your vision (like Patterns and Gaze attacks).
80 Vestigial Wings Although they are scrawny and clumsy, the awkward pair of mammalian wings sprouting from your back can provide some aerodynamic control surface. You gain a +2 Racial bonus on Fly checks.
81 Perpendicular Maw Your mouth reorients vertically within your face to become a needle-fanged, double-jawed gape. It drools constantly because you have no lips.
82 Boils Disgusting, pus-filled boils erupt all over your body.
83 Toothless All of your teeth rot and fall out.
84 Mana Font If you touch a Wand or Staff, your vitality surges forth to re-energize the device. You take 1 point of Constitution damage for every 10 charges a Wand recovers (minimum 1), or 1 points of Constitution damage for each charge a Staff recovers. This might kill you since you cannot control the outflow and the device will attempt to fully recharge itself.
85 Reckless Energy You find a searing restlessness zinging through your body. You feel fit, hale and hardy… until you are exhausted. You require twice as much food to sustain you and twice as much sleep to feel rested. You gain a +2 Intrinsic bonus to your Constitution.
86 Broadcast Your mind is much easier to access telepathically. You take a -5 penalty on saves against telepathic effects and telepathic beings can read your thoughts from three times further away.
87 Verminous Affinity Worms, maggots, flies, spiders – all manner of loathesome pest is attracted to you. You become cloaked by the swarm (as though a swarm of spiders), though it does not directly attack you (it will attack other creatures that enter your space). On the bright side, you gain the Vermin Empathy (Su) ability as if you were a Blight Druid using your HD as your Druid levels.
88 Horns Erupting violently and without warning from your brow, a pair of wicked-looking horns extend for an entire foot out of you. They allow you to make a Gore (1d8) attack, but they make typical helmets, hoods and hats impractical to wear.
89 Cloaca Your urogenital and digestive tracts merge into a single, foul-smelling orifice that weeps pus. Luckily it is still functional.
90 Third Arm A misshapen third arm grows from your chest, but you cannot control it. Magical equipment worn on it do not provide their benefit.
91 Hooves Your feet become bovine hooves. You cannot wear shoes or boots meant for humanoids, but your kicks can inflict an extra 1d4 lethal damage (1d3 for Small creatures) as an unarmed attack.
92 Talons Viciously sharp and cruelly hooked talons grant you one natural Claw (1d4 for Medium creatures) attack with each hand. The talons make gloves and gauntlets impossible to get on or off unless they've been crafted specifically for your unusual anatomy.
93 Antennae A pair of feathery, moth-like antennae sprout from your brow. You gain Blindsense 10 feet and Scent, but strong odors overwhelm your senses. You take a -5 penalty on saves against stench effects, inhaled poisons and strong odors (such as Stinking Cloud and Cloudkill).
94 Lifted And Dropped Your left-right parity is reversed. Your left side is now your right side. This requires some getting used to. You have a -8 Dexterity penalty which gradually decreases over the course of the next two months at a rate of one point per week. You can't shake the conviction that something is just not quite right.
95 Cilia Your body hair thickens somewhat to become squirming, thrashing, beating cilia. They are too weak to grasp anything, but the constant sensations may prove distracting.
96 Lure A thin stalk sprouts from your forehead on the end of which is a glowing bulb. It emits light as a candle.
97 Tickler One of your fingers grows freakishly long and thin.
98 Featureless All distinguishable personal features about your face meld into a bland, flat and obviously unnatural mask. You still have two circular holes for your eyes, and your lipless mouth opening allows you to breath.
99 Blue Your skin, hair and eyes turn a peculiar, vibrant hue of blue. You can no longer perceive any other color but blue. This has the interesting side effect of making you immune to Pattern effects (such as Color Spray and Hypnotic Pattern).
100 Chills You feel that something very, very bad has happened…


The perversion and corruption system was lifted wholecloth from another campaign by Ripples


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